My mum told me traffic would be really bad today so if I was going to the mall I should leave as early as possible….which would’ve been two hours ago. I don’t actually mind traffic all that much, so it’s alright. 

#modabuildingblocks no. 5 and 6. #sewing #quilting

so somehow I thought bellingham was at a much higher elevation than it is. despite the fact that you can literally see water that is not a lake from western’s campus. Also pretty much anywhere in fairhaven. 

then again, I am a dip who wonders why the hell there are seagulls wandering the comm lawn before I remember that oh, yeah, the bay is like right there. 

Bellingham is 69 ft above sea level, if anyone cares. 

today I made three quilt blocks ( a 24” and 2 18” blocks) and successfully changed the nib out on my jinhao after watching a youtube video and discovering that jinhao =/= lamy in the way you change out the nib. 

also I think I forgot to eat again but I don’t wanna put effort into food. 

#modabuildingblocks no. 4. #quilting #sewing

$&?!& that isn’t supposed to look like that… #riprip #modabuildingblocks #quilting #sewing

I also got my kinda boring @gouletpens order today, just an EF nib and a pilot con-50 converter. Necessary, but not quite as fun. #fountainpens


I genuinely don’t know what to say to people who hate ABBA like

if you change your mind

I’m the first in the line

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#modabuildingblocks no. 3. #quilting #sewing