askin’ for things for christmas. Mostly semi-spendy (ha less than $40) fountain pens and ink samples. At least, those are the new things to the edited-from-last-year list. 

(my mum asks for lists very early, which is why I’m bothering)

I was befuddled by all the college-age-looking people with backpacks walking on the path next to my apartment building (because uni classes don’t start until next week) until I remembered that oh, high school is a thing and we’re within walking distance of sehome high as well as campus. 

still bewildered by the 3/4 full parking lot at 5 pm. 

I got my @hedgehogfibres twist sock club today! It’s so pretty. #knitting

#modabuildingblocks 16/17/18. #quilting #sewing

#modabuildingblocks 14/15. Changed the dark orange to dark pink because none of my oranges were right. #sewing #quilting

sigh going to call the people tomorrow and make sure they got my other letter (the one that was IN THE SAME ENVELOPE as the one that’s been processed already) because I would really like that $1600 thank you. 

ugh now apparently they’ve received one of my letters but no the other one which makes no sense because I MAILED THEM IN THE SAME ENVELOPE????

like, if you got the one, you definitely got the other one. 

3 more #modernbuildingblocks blocks. #quilting #sewing

50% on my tangled yoke cardigan. #knitting #hpkchc #newt

#laminaria blocked. #knitting #hpkchc