I want to knit allll of the slouchy cardigans, but I hardly ever wear the one slouchy cardigan I have…

I have written over four thousand words of this one story, according to my google doc, and that’s not including the 22+ handwritten notebook pages of both narrative and meta about it and it’s supposed to be about 4 characters but probably 80% is about one of them and I reallly should work on developing the others at some point. 

blerg I hate worrying about money. Like, I need to pay rent tomorrow or tuesday and they’re going to cash the check wednesday (they always cash them on the first, no matter when we pay), plus I wrote bap a check they haven’t cashed yet, so I have to make sure my checking account has that much in it in case they cash it before the first and after that until I get my paycheck and my refund from my scholarship I will have like $60 to my name oh AND I’m going to have to buy gas before friday. 

my damn refund better get processed by tuesday, that’s all I’m saying. last time it took three business days and it’s been two already. 

I s2g I’m getting a tattoo of “k16, ssk, k1, turn, p4, p2tog, p1” 

because it is the only part of sock-making I consistently forget how to do and have to look up. 

sooo today I bought two pairs of essentially the same shoes in different colours (in two different stores) and I was curious about how high the heel is and yeah this is the story of how I now own two pairs of suede pointed-toe pumps with four inch heels. 

I want to selfie because my hair is doing interesting swoopy things but I am roundly terrible at selfies. also the lighting in here is pretty awful and I am such a lighting snob. 

got the vpn client to work. got to the server I’m supposed to be using. found the right filepath. click on the folder that we’re supposed to be using to save all our assignments in and get an error that it can’t be opened because I don’t have permission to open it. 

headdesk. I give up, I’m going to bed. 

Homemade soup and bread. I burned my mouth but it was so good #food #noms

sweet jesus recruiting is scary. 

like, how the hell do I know what to even apply for??? I don’t know what I want to do like at all. 

at this point I’m applying for staff accountant positions. 

I feel like I helped train a new person at Starbucks with my weird coffee order. #firstdaycoffee #sweetbutnottoosweet